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Mink Fur Wrap Light Brown - Fabulous Fall / Winter Fashion!
Vintage Mink Wrap Light Brown
Item 7-1003 SOLD

BEAUTIFUL Vintage 40's Honey MINK WRAP, Deco Design Lining - Fabulous Fall / Winter Fashion!  COHEN & KATZ FUR Co. FUR DESIGNERS, WINNIPEG.  This fantastic wrap can be worn flowing loosely, or held tight against your body using the inside satin pockets to warm your hands and hold the fur close.  The wrap has a collar shelf that lets the stole sit comfortably against your neckline and shoulders.

Measurements below:
Drop center neck to front bottom - 30", Drop Center neck to bottom center back - 18".
Center back neck shelf - 4", with collar rise of 3", Shoulder curve to curve inside - 18".
Size equivalent to Medium/Large - Free styling would allow wear from Small to Large.

The taupe satin lining is in great condition, no stains, tears or holes.  Lining is accented with brown and lighter taupe satin geometric outlines - deco style.  Pocket can also fit cell phone, ipod or lipstick.  The wrap is in very good condition.  The fur is glossy, the pelts are soft and supple with, good guard hair, undercoat and no wear spots or soiling.  This wrap appears to have been worn very little and taken very good care of throughout its life. Accessories not included - they are just to give you an idea of how wonderful this wrap looks with faux pearls.

Mink Fur Stole Light Brown

Vintage Light Brown Mink Stole

Mink Stole with Faux Pearls

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