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Brown Mink Fur Hat by Maria's Hat Design - Wonderful Detailing!
Brown Mink Fur Hat by Maria's Hat Design
$125.00 USD       Item 9-5001
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FABULOUS DESIGN!  Light brown mink designer hat by MARIA'S HAT DESIGN.  Incredible detailing!  Mink tails appear to have been used to create this masterpiece.  Gorgeous workmanship and wonderful styling!  The hat is in great condition, almost like new.  The fur is soft with appropriate guard hair, and very glossy - overall in very good condition.  The inside lining appears to be taupe colored satin with a center of more auburn taupe colored satin.  The hat is pre-owned, and may have a slight fur tone.

Measurements below:
Size- 22" around inside band, 4" rise at the front, 3" rise at the back deep from inside centre to band.

Brown Mink Fur Hat by Maria's Hat Design

Mink Fur Hat

Brown Mink Hat

Brown Hat Mink Tails

Maria's Hat Design

Maria's Hat Design Winnipeg

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