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Vintage Brown Mink Hat Ridge Front - Delightful Soft Shape!
Ridge Front Brown Vintage Mink Hat
Item 9-5004 SOLD

DELIGHTFUL soft shape brown mink hat.  Soft construction lets you shape the front to either a deep ridge or shallow ridge design.  The inside band measures 22".  The inside lining is soft rose pink with brown floral and heart cutout satin overlay.  The inside band is wide ribbon which shows slight water stains.  The mink appears to be in very good condition.  The back of the hat shows a raised curve design, and both sides are made to be folded in slightly to create the side and front ridge.  The hat appears to be in very good condition.

Ridge Front Brown Vintage Mink Hat

Brown Mink Hat

Delightful Vintage Mink Hat

Front Ridge Mink Hat

Mink Hat Lining

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