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Vintage Mink Hat Brown Double Ridged - Sensational Fur Styling!
Vintage Mink Hat Brown Double Ridged
Item 9-5005 SOLD

SENSATIONAL vintage glossy brown mink hat with lacy style lining over cream satin lining.  The mink is carefully styled to have a deep fold at the top front and a shallower fold lower on the front of the hat.  Lovely pattern of fur. Inside band measures 22".  Height from band to top front band of hat is 5".  The hat appears to be in very good condition.  It is quite a soft hat which requires some adjusting when put on.  There are a few white guard hairs dispersed among the brown guard hairs.

Vintage Mink Hat Brown Double Ridged

Brown Mink Hat

Mink Fur Hat

Satin Lining on Mink Fur Hat

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