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Vintage Dark Sapphire Gray Mink Tail Hat - Boston Fur Company!
Vintage Gray Mink Hat Boston Fur Company
Item 9-5002 SOLD

GORGEOUS vintage sapphire gray mink tail hat with gray satin lining.  The mink tails are aligned from the band up to the top in a pyramid style.  Soft undercoat gray fur shows at the base of the hat for a lighter color, as the guard hairs become more dense at the top of the hat.  Inside band measures 22".  Height from band to top of hat 7" - measured with hat lying flat.  This wonderful hat is made by Boston Fur Company, Styles of Distinction, Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Appears to be in very good condition with slight material catches on the inside lining.

Vintage Gray Mink Hat Boston Fur Company

Gray Mink Hat

Vintage Gray Mink Hat

Guard Hair on Mink Fur Hat

Boston Fur Company, Winnipeg Manitoba

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