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Retro Natural Racoon Vintage Fur Hat - Fabulous Soft Stylish Racoon!
Retro Natural Racoon Vintage Fur Hat
Item 9-5007 SOLD

FABULOUS soft natural racoon vintage hat.  Stylish mix of soft dark racoon and cream frosted guard hairs.  The front of the hat has a small black velvet bow for interest.  The hat as shown in the photo has long guard hair with soft full undercoat.  The inside has a navy blue satin lining.  The hat measures 21" around the inside band. The had is very soft and free flowing, not a hard structure. There may be slight wear at the back inside where the fur joins the satin lining, as the undercoat is very soft.

Retro Natural Racoon Vintage Fur Hat

Vintage Racoon Hat

Soft Natural Racoon Fur Hat

Blue Lining on Racoon Fur Hat

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