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Vintage Black Swakara Broadtail Persian Lamb Jacket Coat!
Black Broadtail Persian Lamb Jacket Coat
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GLOSSY BLACK BROADTAIL PERSIAN LAMB JACKET CAR COAT.  Authentic vintage 50's style, real Persian Lamb in broadtail real fur.  Some people call this Swakara which is a trade name for a type of lamb raised in Namibia.  This coat is Made in Canada by Hudson's Bay Company and has the distinctive moire pattern of broadtail or swakara, but does not have the Swakara label.

DETAILS:  Vintage buttons, black with lucite dome encapsulating bow and silver star, two front slit pockets, inside pocket.  Cuffs untacked and can be folded from 4" to 6" - cuff satin backed.  Black satin lining, reinforced armpits, gathered waist, hook loop closures.  Two shoulder straps can hold the jacket securely on.

Very glossy fur with wavy sections and short curl sections.  Glossy wavy sections show blue white shine in photos.  There is minor wear consistent with the age of this beauty.  Wear on front hem - 1" x1/2" black hide shows.  Right arm at approx. elbow inside bend - 1 3/4" x 1/2" area of black hide.  Please note that the nature of this fur is not tight hard curls but soft longer fur, so the fur may appear to be thin due to no curls.  The fur has soft supple pelts, good guard hair and magnificent shine.  If you would like to see more pictures, please ask.   Accessories not included.

Measurements below (taken with coat lying flat):
Size - not marked, probably Medium, check measurements below.
Shoulder to shoulder -19", Bust - 42", Waist 46", Sleeve - 24" (including 4" cuff), Armpit to Hem - 16".
Collar height centre back - 4", Centre back neck to bottom back - 28", Sweep - 70".

Black Swakara Broadtail Persian Lamb Jacket Coat

Vintage Black Swakara Broadtail Persian Lamb Jacket Coat

Black Swakara Persian Lamb Jacket

Vintage Broadtail Persian Lamb Jacket

Black Swakara Fur

Hudson's Bay Company Persian Lamb Jacket

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