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Vintage Mink Short Swing Drape Fur Cape Jacket - Glossy Brown!
Mink Short Swing Drape Fur Cape Jacket
Item 9-4034 SOLD

FABULOUS 50's elegant cocktail warm walnut brown pastel mink fur with short cropped jacket.  Standup wedge crescent collar.  Raglan inset sleeve. Two hook closures, one at neck and one at bustline.

By "Fur Salon Eaton's of Canada".  Canadian mink fur.  No apparent wear marks on fur.  Slight color variation on right armpit due to the mink belly fur being lighter.  Matte satin lining with woven floral design.  Note, the lining folds to the bottom of the guard hair at the hem and may be visible.  Accessories not included.  GORGEOUS!

Measurements below:
Size -16 ( fits M-L ), Shoulder to shoulder - 18", Sleeve 16" - cocktail length, Neck to bottom 17".
Armpit to hem - 8", Ledge - outer 2 1/2" - inner 2 1/2", Circumference - 48".

Mink Short Swing Drape Fur Cape Jacket

Mink Fur Jacket

Mink Fur Cape Jacket

Vintage Mink Fur

Vintage Brown Mink Stole

Fur Salon Eaton's of Canada

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