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Vintage Seetusee Green Splash Small Dish - Fabulous Prairie Art!
Seetusee Green Splash Small Glassware Dish
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FABULOUS Seetusee Mayfair green splash small square glassware dish. A wonderful prairie art piece.  Measures just under 4 inches by 4 inches.  The leather back is painted in goldtone shiny paint.  Marked on back "Seetusee Glassware by Mayfair, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba Canada. Genuine Leather Backed".  This is an AUTHENTIC HANDMADE piece from the windswept northern pairie.  Do not put this in a dishwasher or use for food, it is a decorative giftware piece.

Seetusee Green Splash Small Glassware Dish

Seetusee by Mayfair Portage la Prairie Manitoba Canada

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