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About Our Gift Services

Individual Attention
Our gifts baskets are created individually for each of our clients.   Our gifts are chosen especially for each of our clients.   We consult with our clients about their needs before we begin shopping or creating our gift arrangements.  Our experience and imagination can help you make your gift giving a very special occasion.

As you look at the photos in our gallery of gift baskets - please remember that these are simply examples of what we can arrange for you.   Our basket arrangements are very seldom the same, so you can be sure that no two of your orders will be exactly alike.   We are continually updating our designs and products.   Please email us so we can give you the latest details on how we can accommodate your gift buying needs.

Convention and conference goody bags are also available, and of course they would be individualized to the particular event. Please let us know well in advance of your event so we can provide you with our specialized gift services.

We acknowledge your need to have individual ideas for each person on your gift list. We can help select different gifts and gift basket arrangements for a variety of people.

Gifts Especially For Women
We have many different designs and arrangements for women.   Our baskets normally contain regular sized brand name products - standard sized bath gels, body lotions, bath foam, soap - but if you want mini sizes or extra jumbo sizes we can accommodate you. Check through our gallery for examples of gift arrangements and spa baskets.   We have gift sets adorned with delicate dolls.   We have unique food and treat baskets.  We can put together some great one of a kind baskets for that special woman on your list!

And For Men...
We haven't forgotten about the men.   Men are difficult to buy for, even on a personal level.   On a corporate level, it is a very tricky endeavour.   We can put together more masculine gift arrangements, but in some cases, gift giving for men involves getting out there and shopping for something special other than a gift arrangement.   We have experience in such shopping.   We have shopped for men as well as for women, with satisfying results for everyone.

For your corporate or personal needs, we can put together gift arrangements, or we can arrange to find gifts.   Let us relieve you of the stress and tension involved in searching out and buying gifts.   Enjoy the giving, and let us do the work!

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