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Colclough Cottage Countryside Tea Cup and Saucer - Delightful!
Colclough Tea Cup and Saucer Cottage Countryside
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Colclough presents a FABULOUS English Cottage Countryside in this delightful corset cup set.  Backstamp circa 1960. "Bone China D7, Colclough, Made in England." signed in gold "1110...".  Made by Colclough potteries (a part of Ridgway).  The gold trim appears to be in good condition with minor lighter gold color on one wavy section of the cup and saucer.  The gold does not appear to be worn, but it may have been more thinly applied on this section.

Note the very slight stylish scallop design to the cup and saucer. The tea cup measures 2 3/4 inches tall and 1/4 inches across. The saucer measues 5 1/2 inches across. A LOVELY country scene on this great set!

Colclough English Countryside Tea Cup

Vintage Colclough Teacup Cottage Countryside Corset Style

Colclough Backstamp Signature Mark

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