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Vintage Christmas Tablecloths - Wonderful Christmas Tablecloths!
Vintage Christmas Tablecloths

We have some really wonderful vintage Christmas tablecloths available.  Santas, Angels, Poinsettia, Holly.  We will be placing more great Christmas tablecloths on our site.  Come back often to see more fabulous holiday designs.

Partridge in a Pear Tree Tablecloth
Partridges Pears Tablecloth
Jolly Santa Christmas Tablecloth
Jolly Santa Tablecloth
Pixies Elves Christmas Tablecloth
Pixies Elves Tablecloth
Christmas Tablecloth Eames Era Shiny Ornaments
Christmas Ornaments
Candles Bows Christmas Tablecloth
Candles Bows Tablecloth
Angels Candles Christmas Tablecloth
Angels Candles Tablecloth
Vintage Santa Sleigh Reindeer Tablecloth
Santa Applique Tablecloth
Eames Era Christmas Tablecloth
Eames Era Tablecloth
Vintage Noel Christmas Tablecloth
Noel Christmas Tablecloth
Christmas Angels Tablecloth
Christmas Angel Tablecloth
Pixies Elves Holiday Season Tablecloth
Pixies Elves Tablecloth
Vintage Birds and Ornaments Christmas Tablecloth
Birds Christmas Ornaments
Poinsettia Holly Pine Cones Christmas Tablecloth
Poinsettia Tablecloth
Vintage Christmas Tablecloth Santas Hearts and more
Santas and Hearts
Vintage Jolly Santa Tablecloth
Jolly Santa Tablecloth
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