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Vintage Linen Tablecloths - Wonderful Floral and Kitchen Designs!

Vintage Tablecloths

Here are more of our great vintage tablecloths.  We have some wonderful kitchen designs, and a Wilendur Rosemead.   We will be placing more of our linen and cotton tablecloths on our pages.  Check back often for new listings.

Vintage Tablecloth Pink Kitchen Wood Stoves
Kitchen Stoves Pink Tablecloth
Red ARTEX Checkered Tablecloth
Red Checkers Tablecloth
Vintage Eames Era Linen Tablecloth
Eames Kettles Tablecloth
Vintage Victorian Roses Tablecloth
Victorian Roses Tablecloth
Vintage Tablecloth Orange Yellow Poppies
Vintage Poppies Tablecloth
Signed Paris Postcard Painting Tablecloth
Paris Tourist Tablecloth SOLD
Mexican Otomi Hand Embroidered Tablecloth
Mexican Otomi Design SOLD
Eames Era Tablecloth Rooster Decorations
Eames Roosters SOLD
Pilgrim Gold Tablecloth
Pilgrim Tablecloth SOLD
Folk Art Embroidery Vintage Tablecloth
Folk Art Embroidered SOLD
Fall Leaves Tablecloth
Fall Leaves Tablecloth SOLD
Vintage Fall Fruits Tablecloth
Fall Fruits SOLD
Maple Leaves Tablecloth
Maple Leaves SOLD
Vintage Mexican Southwestern Tablecloth
Southwestern Design SOLD
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