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Chalet Orange Art Glass - Wonderful Color Sommerso Fabulous!
Chalet Orange Art Glass Centerpiece
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SIGNED Chalet Canada, this fabulous orange stretched glass is spectacular!  Made by the famous Murano artists at Chalet glass, this piece radiates color with the signature stretched sommerso glass orange and clear crystal glass. Notice the two pointed ends of the piece taper into clear crystal glass. 

This fabulous piece measures 15 inches across the top and 6 1/2 inches at the widest across the centre.  The top end to ground is 7 inches high and the side is 4 inches high.  

This is an etched SIGNED Chalet Canada piece.  A fabulous flowing artistic piece that carries with it a flare of orange fire color and Murano form.  A fantastic show piece for home or office! 

Chalet Orange Art Glass Console

Chalet Orange Art Glass Console


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