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CHALET Red Orange Console Vintage Art Glass -  Gorgeous!
Chalet Red Orange Art Glass
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Fabulous stretched beauty and orange red color in this SIGNED CHALET piece.  Quality Canadian glass made by expert craftsmen and artisans at the Chalet Artistic Glass Ltd. Company.  A Retro 70's look that is long on style and character.

This commanding piece measures 27 1/2 inches long.  The upstretched wings measure 10 and 11 inches high, with the width of the piece approximately 7 inches.  Red orange color sommerso technique perfected by the artisans of Murano is reflected in this fine example by the Canadian craftsmen.

A fabulous color and a classic design!  The color is an outstanding fire engine red that sparkles with shades of orange depending on the light source.  Superb!

Chalet Red Orange Classic

Chalet Art Glass Console Red

Chalet Fire Engine Red Console


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