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Blue Ruffle Vase with White Drawn Dots - AltaGlass Continental!
Vintage Blue Ruffle Vase
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This MAGNIFICENT vase from Altaglass / Continental is a fine example of the quality workmanship of the craftsmen at Altaglass.  A baby blue vase with opaque white dots and ruffle edge.  This style of tall vase, with a heavy thick glass base, was inspired by the gladiolus flower which is one of the many popular long stemmed flowers on the Canadian prairies.   There is some discussion on whether or not this particular vase is Altaglass or Continental manufactured.   Using the base design as a guide, a reference cited from Altaglass (Mary Coward, suggests the triangular base is a representation of a style produced by Continental Glass.   Continental Glass was founded in 1961 in Calgary by Josef Takacs who worked for Altaglass from 1958 to 1960.   Continental Glass is said to have produced designs similar to Altaglass.

The vase measures 12" high, 6" across the top ruffles, and 4" across the bottom base.  In very good condition, with a few manufacturer inclusions which do not affect the beauty of this vase.  A FABULOUS addition to a historical glass collection!

Vintage Blue Ruffle Vase

Blue Ruffle Vase with White Drawn Dots

AltaGlass Continental Blue Ruffle Vase

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