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Lorraine Glass Fire Red Arched Console Dish - Gorgeous Art Glass!
Lorraine Glass Red Arched Console Dish
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FABULOUS flame red small arched console art glass.   This wonderful console reflects the characteristic design style of Lorraine Glass Industries.   The company was in business from 1962 to 1974, and was located in Montreal Canada.   The glassblowers were artisans who emigrated from Murano Italy to Canada.   Their peices are similar to Chalet and Altaglass.   Lorraine Glass did not etch a signature into their pieces but instead used foil labels to identify them.

This beautiful piece is in excellent condition with only minor surface scratches underneath the base which is consistent with the age of the piece.  Although there is no sticker, this piece has the characteristic squared edges and folds of Lorraine Glass.  The glass also shines a fiery orange in bright light, another characteristic of the red orange Lorraine Glass.  The piece measures 10" high, and 5" across the largest basket folds.  The base is 2" in diameter.  A GORGEOUS CANADIAN ART GLASS piece!

Lorraine Glass Red Arched Console Dish

FABULOUS Flame Red Small Arched Console Art Glass

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