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Vintage Seetusee Mayfair Glassware Round Wavy Dish - Lovely!
Seetusee Mayfair Glassware Round Wavy Dish
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LOVELY dish with a striking mixture of rich reds, dark blues, lemon yellow swirled into a kaleidoscope of color. Authentic prairie art, stamped with "Seetusee GLASSWARE by Mayfair, PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE MANITOBA  CANADA M69. Genuine Leather Backed.  To clean wipe only with damp cloth."

This is an authentic handmade piece from the windswept northern prairie.  Do not put this in a dishwasher or use for food, this is purely a decorative giftware piece.  Measures 9" across the diameter.  The dish has deep wavy edges which vary in height from 1" to 2" high.  The waves are not evenly spaced or of even depth which adds to the charm of this Seetusee.  Leather back is painted in goldtone shiny paint.  All pieces are unique in coloring design.  The dish is in very good condition given its age.  There are no cracks, hard scratches or water damage.  When held to the light on close observation it does show color variations not consistent with the paint color, but look like oils from the paint.  The glass finish is not affected by the color.  The goldtone backing shows signs of color change to darker gray on some of the waves.  This color change does not appear to affect the overall look of the piece, but is more a characteristic of the age of this artful vintage piece.

Seetusee Mayfair Glassware Round Wavy Dish

Vintage Seetusee Mayfair Glassware Round Wavy Dish

Seetusee Vintage Kaleidoscope Dish

Seetusee Colors

Seetusee Mayfair Portage la Prairie,Manitoba

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