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Rare Sherman Brooch - Three Different Colors - Fabulous Piece!
Rare Sherman Multi Color Brooch
Item Not For Sale For Display Only
This is a FABULOUS RARE multi color brooch!  This SIGNED SHERMAN brooch has 3 different colored Swarovski rhinestones - fuchsia, purple, and a special alexandrite-like stone. This alexandrite-like stone has the quality of changing colors under different light. Under one light it will seem light purple, under another light it will seem light blue. The piece has a japanned backing, and measures 2 inches across, and almost 2 1/4 inches long.   It is possessed of such deep rich colors, and such reflective beauty, you might think it came from the cave of Ali Baba, or from some other legendary trove of riches.  A gorgeous piece of Sherman jewelry!

Rare Sherman Brooch

Sherman Japanned Backing

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