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Juliana Necklace - Carved Art Glass - Dazzling Masterpiece!
Juliana Carved Art Glass Necklace
Item 1-3125 SOLD
A SPARKLING DAZZLING rhinestone laden JULIANA necklace! It is difficult to know where to begin describing this absolutely STUNNING necklace. Deep amethyst rhinestones, red roundcut and marquise form the base of this vintage MASTERPIECE. Throw in the huge carved art glass leaf cabochons, encrusted with six roundcut SPARKLING rhinestones! This beauty measures 15 inches long, and 1 inch at the widest. It has a slight curve, allowing it to sit flush on the neckline. Some frosting on the art glass cabochons in worn. Also, one of the red marquise rhinestones has a chip on the end, which is barely noticeable while wearing.

Juliana Necklace

Vintage Juliana Necklace

Carved At Glass Necklace

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