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Vintage Sun Yellow Faceted Plastic Necklace Earrings - Hong Kong!
Faceted Necklace with Matching Earrings
Item 1-5406 SOLD
Fabulous vintage demi-parure. Bright sunshine yellow opaque and translucent faceted plastic beaded necklace with matching drop earrings. The necklace is three strand with a c-clasp closure and goldtone filigree capped ends.  The necklace measures 54 inches long. The drop earrings are 5-strand beaded with a goldtone bar and lucite claw set bead decorating the front of the clip back.  The earrings drop 2 3/4 inches. The earrings are signed Hong Kong.   Very attactive bright sun yellow set!
Yellow Necklace Hong Kong

Yellow Necklace Hong Kong

Yellow Necklace Hong Kong
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