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Rare Sherman Multicolor Bib Necklace - Fabulously Dazzling!
Rare Sherman Multicolor Bib Necklace
Item Not For Sale For Display Only
A RARE SIGNED multi-color bib necklace by Sherman!  Wonderful soft delicate colors!  There are a total of 174 rhinestones in this fabulous piece, with no aurora borealis finish to any of the rhinestones.  Those familiar with Sherman jewelry understand that the sparkle of the rhinestones can never be duplicated in pictures.  It must be experienced first hand.  This piece shimmers and sparkles like no other I have ever seen.  Any time this necklace has been worn in public it has been an absolute showstopper, garnering looks from all over, and offers to purchase on the spot.  It is absolutely dazzling!  Unfortunately, it is not for sale, but has been placed here as an example of a vintage Sherman bib necklace.

Vintage Sherman Multicolor Necklace

Sherman Multicolor Bib Necklace

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