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Sherman Pink Set - Bracelet Brooch and Earrings!
Sherman Pink Bracelet Brooch and Earrings
Item Not For Sale For Display Only
This is a fabulous pink signed Sherman bracelet, brooch and earrings.  All pieces have a japanned backing.  The picture of the brooch shows an example of the classic Sherman cluster in the middle of the brooch.  Identifying a cluster of rhinestones in the middle of a brooch is sometimes a helpful way to differentiate between Sherman brooches and other brooches.  The brooch is quite large, measuring 3 inches across at its widest.  The bracelet is classic Sherman as well, accompanied by a safety chain, as is the case with all Sherman bracelets.  And once again, as with all Sherman jewelry, the set in person is much more gorgeous than the pictures.  The color is deep and rich.  Add to that its wonderful design, and the combination makes this set fabulously eye-catching!

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