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Vintage Christmas Phantom Poinsettia Tablecloth - Huge!
Vintage Christmas Phantom Poinsettia Tablecloth
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FABULOUS POINSETTIA TABLECLOTH!  Features a nine inch border of poinsettias and holly.  The centre is filled with ivory colored poinsettias on an ivory colored background.  The background material is not bright white but more a natural cotton color.  Initially when you look at the tablecloth you don't see the center ivory printed flowers - like a phantom - they are there but you just don't see them easily.  With the reflections from candles or other lights, the flowers seem to pop up everywhere.  In the photos you can see the proliferation of these fabulous phantom poinsettias. Very unique.

The tablecloth is huge, measuring hemmed 60", selvege 82".  In great condition.  There are two light stains on the white outside edge.  The material looks to be cotton or cotton/linen, as it is a thick material and shows slubs and thicker threads.  The tablecloth is from an estate sale, previously owned, and may be of vintage quality.

Vintage Christmas Phantom Poinsettia Tablecloth

Poinsettia and Holly on Vintage Tablelcoth

Christmas Phantom Poinsettia Tablecloth

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