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Vintage Christmas Santa Sleigh Applique Tablecloth - Fabulous Style!
Vintage Christmas Santa Sleigh Applique Tablecloth
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FABULOUS STYLE!  Applique Santa, reindeer, bell, trees with embroidery accents, and gold stars - a must have for the Holiday Season!  A mix of applique edged in overcast hem stitch, embroidered design, cut-out, and shiny gold thread stars.  The tablecloth measures 65" wide and 69" long.  The edge of the tablecloth is scalloped and has a thin red cord stitched to it to look like a solid red border.  The red line through the tablecloth is the joining line of two pieces of fabric that is heavily stitched to form a red decorative line.  The center inside the cut-out design does not have a seam.  The centre cut-out design has some stray threads, although the stitching looks like it encapsulates the cut-outs well.

The santas, reindeer, bells, trees, sleigh, hats and santa's toy bag are all applique.  There are some frayed edges of the outside of the appliques, but the stitching still holds the appliques tight.  The other designs are all embroidery - no painted designs.  This tablecloth has a lot of stitching work on it and as is consistent with age, some threads are broken.  There is one minor light stain on the outer edge, which is too light to show in the photos.  The material may be fine woven cotton.

Vintage Christmas Santa Sleigh Applique

Vintage Christmas Santa Sleigh Applique Tablecloth

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