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Vintage Eames Era Tablecloth Roosters Paris - Stylized Decorations!
Vintage Eames Era Tablecloth Roosters Paris
Item 6-4049 SOLD

ROOSTERS, FIREPLACE, PARIS PICTURES and more adorn this sensational vintage tablecloth.  Yellow brick fireplace theme carries throughout the tablecloth.  Hanging cactus, dogs, birds, fish, fruit baskets, paper lanterns, and potted plants are just a few of the stylized decorations!  Bright lemon yellow center.

The tablecloth measures: selvage - 64", hemmed - 51".  There is one mark that looks like a printing error with a drop of paint.  The tablecloth does not appear to have been used or washed.  There are no stains, tears or loose hem threads that I can see.  It has folds from being stored in a buffet drawer.  The material appears to be thick heavy cotton.  The tablecloth is pre-owned.

Vintage Eames Era Tablecloth

Eames Era Rooster on Tablecloth

Vintage Decoration on Eames Era Tablecloth

Paris Picture and Decorations

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