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Vintage Embroidered Folk Art Scandinavian Linen Tablecloth!
Embroidered Folk Art Scandinavian Linen Tablecloth
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SPECTACULAR HAND EMBROIDERED folk art SCANDINAVIAN style linen vintage tablecloth!  Linen off white color, hem stitched double border on all 4 sides, vibrant colors of blues, greens, yellows and accenting reds. Thick heavy embroidery that appears to be hand done.  A MAGNIFICENT PIECE!

The tablecloth measures: width - 53", length - 56".  Does not appear to have been used very much.  The linen is soft - but not worn.  There may be a few loose embroidery threads, but I don't see anything obvious.  The tablecloth is pre-owned, vintage, and was found in the lake country of Manitoba which had some Icelandic and Scandinavian influence.

Embroidered Folk Art Scandinavian Linen Tablecloth

Vintage Embroidered Folk Art Tablecloth

Scandinavian Embroidery

Vintage Tablecloth Hand Embroidered

Embroidery on Vintage Tablecloth

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