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Vintage Pixie Elves Christmas Oval Tablecloth - Cute Cheery!
Vintage Pixie Elves Christmas Oval Tablecloth
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CUTE CHEERY pixie elves sit patiently waiting among the spruce boughs, ornaments and ribbons for the magic of the HOLIDAY SEASON in this wonderful vintage tablecloth.  Ornaments and snowflakes adorn the center.  The tablecloth is oval and measures 72" in length, and 66" across the centre.  The pixie border is approximately 5" wide.

This gorgeous tablecloth is pre-owned.  A minor stain is shown in the bottom photo. The tablecloth has red hemstitching around the edges.  The colors and pattern are bright.  The tablecloth appears not to have been washed but is in its original condition, and I have left it that way.  I did not try to remove the stain.  The material may be cotton or cotton/linen as it is quite heavy with thick threads and slubs.

Vintage Pixie Elves Christmas Oval Tablecloth

Pixie Elves Border on Vintage Tablecloth

Vintage Elves on Tablecloth

Two pixies on Vintage Christmas Tablecloth

Minor Stain on Tablecloth - Haven't tried removing it

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