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Vintage Mexican Otomi Embroidered Tablecloth - Animals Birds!
Mexican Otomi Embroidered Tablecloth
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AMAZING EMBROIDERED TABLECLOTH - animals and birds in stylized figures!  Mexican, probably OTOMI culture.  Appears to be HAND EMBROIDERED.  The figures are solid threads across the top - a style of this particular group.

From what I could research, the Otomi peoples live in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains of Hidalgo, in central Mexico.  The San Pablito, Pahuatlan are renowned for their beautiful and dense embroidery.  This tablecloth is a very large work - natural off white cotton material.  The tablecloth is round and measures 72" in diameter.

This gorgeous tablecloth is pre-owned and may be vintage.  The tablecloth does have a lot of loose threads on the animals, and areas where the threads are broken.  There are no holes and no apparent stains.  The tablecloth does appear to have been washed and may be cotton as it has rough cotton texture similar to cactus cloth.  It could also be cactus cloth, but I'm not very familiar with that fabric.  The tablecloth has a thin hem and a few of the threads are broken.  A MAGNIFICENT ART WORK!

Mexican Otomi Embroidered Tablecloth

Vintage Mexican Otomi Embroidered Tablecloth

Stylized Bird on Tablecloth

Stylized Animals on Tablecloth

Hand Embroidery

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