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Vintage Eames Era Christmas Tablecloth or Bed Topper - Unique!
Eames Era Christmas Tablecloth or Bed Topper
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UNIQUE EAMES ERA vintage Christmas tablecloth or vintage bed topper.  Lots of detail.  Metallic gold print with red and green.  Lots of decoration, beading, candles, pinecones, drums, trumpeting angels, pears, bells, garland, and more!  The size is large enough that it may have been used as a topper on a vintage bed.  It could also have been used for a very long table.

This festive cloth has minor stains, which hardly show in the photos as they are light.  The background is not bright white color but more the antique cotton look.  The fabric measures: long selvage - 90", across hemmed edge - 60".  The material feels and looks like heavy cotton and has slubs and irregularities in the fabric.  The print color is still quite bold and the gold areas have a wash of metallic gold.  The print has grinning, or white spaces, between the majority of the colors, which leads me to believe it may be from the 1930's.  Also the type of ornaments, tinsel, bead,s appears to be of the 1930's style.  It is in it's original found condition from the linen closet of an estate sale.

Eames Era Christmas Tablecloth or Bed Topper

Eames Era Christmas Tablecloth

Eames Era Christmas Bed Topper

Christmas Decorations on Eames Era Tablecloth

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