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Vintage Feather Peignoir - Pink Trim - Fabulous Hollywood Glamour!
Vintage Pink Feather Trim Peignoir
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Hollywood glamour!  Fabulous feather trim wide sweep goddess gown.  Great feather trim on this peignoir set gives a great double header look of soft fluffy appeal to accent your look.  There are no tags on this beauty except for a UGWD Canada tag - union made tag .  There is no size tag but the measurements seem to be consistent with a size Large ladies garment. The measurements are as follows.

NEGLIGEE: The feather trim measures from the top of the shoulder to the centre V and back up to the shoulder at 26".   The measurement from side seam at bottom of bodice to side seam is 17" but stretches to 20".  The back is all elastic and gathered material - Goddess Gown style. The sleeve cuff at the feather trim measures 20" around.  From the top of the shoulder seam to the bottom where the elastic is measures 13".  From the front centre of the feather V, where the bow is, down to the bottom hem is 46".  Bottom hem measured all the way around is 152".

PEIGNOIR: The feather trim runs all the way around the back of the neck from approx. an Empire waist.  Total measurement of the trim is 39".  There is no armpit as there is a raglan sleeve, but the measurement from where an armpit would be to armpit is 30". The sleeve cuff at the feather trim measures 20" around. There is a fair amount of gathering at the back neck to give a nice full sweep of the robe.  From the back of the centre neck to the bottom hem is 120".  There is also a thin pink cord belt with pompom feathers at either end.  The material is very slinky and soft and has a lovely shine to it.  The condition of both pieces is good.  No holes or thinning of the feathers that I can see.  There are a few catches that do not appear to affect the fantastic look of this garment.  Accesories not included.

Pink Feather Hollywood Peignoir

Pink Feather PomPom Peignoir

Pink Feather Hollywood Pom Pom Peignoir


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