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Doré Nightgown Ruffled Bustline Hem - Fabulously Feminine!
Doré Nightgown Ruffled Bustline Hem
Item 5-2031 SOLD

FABULOUSLY FEMININE!  Doré ruffled bustline and hem!  Spaghetti style straps that can be crossed at the back if you want.  Delicate pastel floral blue with blue flowers chiffon nightgown.  Empire elastic waist.  Huge 8 1/2" of hemline ruffles!  Accessories not included.

Measurements below:
Size - Large, Bust - 38" unstretched, 42" stretched (elastic at the back), Waist - 44", Hip - 54".
Length armpit to bottom of ruffle - 47".
SWEEP (circumference around point where ruffles join the body of the nightgown) - 66".

Dore Nightgown Ruffled Bustline Hem

Dore Nightgown Ruffled Bustline

Dore Nightgown

Dore Lingerie Made in Canada

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