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The Cascades of Imagination
Vintage Blue Nylon Full Slip Lov'Lee Made Lacy - Delicate Exquisite!
The Cascades of Imagination
Blue Nylon Full Slip Lov'Lee Made Lacy
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GORGEOUS baby blue heavily laced nylon vintage slip by Lov'Lee Made.  This gorgeous beauty has an almost taffeta like feel to it.  Lots of delicately feminine sheer lace adorns the bustline.  The 6" wide scalloped lace on the hem is nylon backed.  EXQUISITE vintage slip!  Accessories not included.

Measurements below:
Size - 32, Bust - 32", Waist - 30", Hip - 38", Length armpit to hem - 28", Sweep - 48".

Blue Nylon Full Slip Lov'Lee

Lov-Lee Made

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