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Vintage Ruffled Blue Peignoir Nightgown Chiffon Set  - Magnificent!
Ruffled Blue Peignoir Nightgown Chiffon Set
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ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT flowing ruffles on both the nightgown and peignoir!  Gorgeous styling by Linda Underlovelies.  Amazing vintage set.  Details below.  Accessories not included.

Deep v- neck front and back, and double chiffon to the empire bust.  RUFFLES down center front. Covered button closure - 5 chiffon buttons and chiffon tie.  From the empire waist down is soft sensual nylon sheath with chiffon topper.  Sheath is attached on the seam with the ruffles on the front, but free flowing around the garment.
Ruffles around the neckline and down to the empire waist.  Bottom of the sleeves are DOUBLE RUFFLES with a chiffon bow.  Sleeves are double sheer chiffon.  The peignoir is soft sensual nylon sheath with flowing chiffon topper!  Front closure is a dome snap at the empire line.

The set is in very good condition with the exception of 3 pinholes in the peignoir at the front bottom left side 9” from the hem of the chiffon layer, and small tear marks on the straps that hang down from the sleeve.  The holes do not appear to be noticeable unless you hold the chiffon layer up to the light.  Please ask for photos of the marks in question before purchase.

Measurements below:
Size - Small/Medium.
Bust - 38”, Waist (at empire) - 36”, Hip - 54”, Armpit to hem - 46”, Ruffle - 5 ½” deep, Sweep - 76” chiffon.
Bust - 40”, Waist (at empire) - 34”, Hip - free, Armpit to hem - 48”, Sweep - chiffon 125” , sheath 91”.

Ruffled Blue Peignoir Nightgown Chiffon Set

Ruffled Blue Peignoir Chiffon

Ruffled Blue Peignoir

Ruffled Blue Nightgown

Ruffled Blue Peignoir

Linda Underlovelies

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