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Vintage Chiffon Babydoll Nightgown Lace Hem - Linda Underlovelies!
Chiffon Babydoll Nightgown Heavy Lace Hem
Item 5-2041 SOLD

FABULOUS feminine baby blue chiffon baby doll by LINDA UNDERLOVELIES.  Delicate lace trimmed neckline and double trimmed lace armholes.  Double chiffon neckline with rose bud appliqués.  Lovely 3” lace hem trim on the chiffon.  Soft vintage chiffon layer over soft sensuous nylon sheath.  Accessories not included.

Measurements below:
Size - not listed on tag, probably Large/X-Large, Bust - 48”, Waist - 52”, Hip - 60”, Armpit to hem - 31”.
Sweep (circumference of bottom hem) - Chiffon - 98”, Sheath - 84”.

Chiffon Babydoll Nightgown

Chiffon Babydoll Nightgown Lace Trim

Heavy Lace Hem

Chiffon Babydoll Nightgown Lace Trim

Linda Underlovelies

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