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Vintage Pottery - Roseville Hull Medalta Greek Germany and More!

A sensational selection of vintage pottery from famous manufacturers around the world!  Names like Roseville, Hull and Lane from the U.S.A., Dummler and Breiden from Germany, and Medalta and Blue Mountain from Canada, as well as other fine pieces from Italy, Russia, United Kingdom and Greece will be highlighted in our collection of fabulous vintage pottery.

The great designs of these pieces are a wonderful enhancement for all home decor.  These vintage pieces bring with them the heritage of their fine workmanship and craftsmanship along with their timeless beauty.

Fun and fantastic novelty pottery pieces are great accents for your home.  We have a selection that will put a smile on your face -  from pixie to blue mountain - a delight for all!

Check back often as we are continually adding more of our favorite pieces for your to enjoy!  If you don't see the pottery piece you are looking for please ask, as we have many items awaiting their debut!

Featured Vintage Pottery Items
Below are some of our featured vintage pottery items.  Check back as we add more of our collection to our pottery pages.
Quaregnon Pitcher
Belgian Ewer
Sascha Brastoff Bowl
Brastoff Bowl
Hull Blue Royal Vase
Hull Royal Vase
Germany Orange Vase
Germany Vase
Roseville Green Trophy Vase
Roseville Vase
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